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Where is the 2009 masterpiece?

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  1. 1. Top list
    1. 1.1 Behemoth: Evangelion
    2. 1.2 Gorod: Process of a new Decline
    3. 1.3 Obscura: Cosmogenesis
    4. 1.4 Believer: Gabriel
    5. 1.5 Megadeth: Endgame
  2. 2. Need to relisten
    1. 2.1 Riverside: Anno Domini High Definition
    2. 2.2 Masachist: Death March Fury
    3. 2.3 Mumakil: Behold the failure
    4. 2.4 Gnostic: Engineering the Rule
    5. 2.5 Psoriasis: Lethal Treatment
    6. 2.6 Tribulation: The Horror
    7. 2.7 Gothmog: A Step in the Dark
    8. 2.8 Napalm Death: Time Waits For No Slave
    9. 2.9 Old Man's Child: Slaves of the World
    10. 2.10 Powerwolf: Bible of the Beast
    11. 2.11 Darker Half: Duality
    12. 2.12 Winds of Plague: The Great Stone War
    13. 2.13 Anaal Nathrakh: In the Constellation of The Black Widow
    14. 2.14 Amberian Dawn: The Clouds of Northland Thunder
    15. 2.15 Warbringer: Waking Into Nightmares
    16. 2.16 Vomitory: Carnage Euphoria
    17. 2.17 Soulfallen: Grave New World
    18. 2.18 DGM: FrAme
    19. 2.19 Suffocation: Blood Oath
    20. 2.20 Seance: Awakening of the Gods
    21. 2.21 Shining: VI - Klagopsalmer
    22. 2.22 Astra: From Within
    23. 2.23 Absentia Lunae: Historia Nobis Assentietvr
    24. 2.24 Absu: Absu
    25. 2.25 Adagio: Archangels in Black
    26. 2.26 Anubis Gate: The Detached
    27. 2.27 Artillery: When Death Comes
    28. 2.28 Augury: Fragmentary Evidence
  3. 3. No need to listen again
    1. 3.1 Irreverence: Irreverence
    2. 3.2 Lay Down Rotten: Gospel of the Wretched
    3. 3.3 Dementor: Faithless
    4. 3.4 Tardy Brothers: Bloodline
    5. 3.5 Ignominious Incarceration: Of Winter Born
    6. 3.6 Blut Aus Nord: Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars
    7. 3.7 Sea of Despair: Sea of Despair
    8. 3.8 Vanguard: Hydralchemy
    9. 3.9 Onmyo-Za: Sohkoku Dohkoku
    10. 3.10 Orcustus: Orcustus
    11. 3.11 Otargos: Fuck God - Disease Process
    12. 3.12 Pantommind: Lunasense
    13. 3.13 Primal Fear: 16.6 before the Devil Knows You're Dead
    14. 3.14 Samael: Above
    15. 3.15 Cobalt: Gin
    16. 3.16 Stormhammer: Signs of Revolution
    17. 3.17 Blackguard: Profugus Mortis
    18. 3.18 Domain: The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow
    19. 3.19 Ego Depths: Equilibrium Sickness
    20. 3.20 God Forbid: Earthsblood
    21. 3.21 Mystic Prophecy: Fireangel
    22. 3.22 Chemical Annihilation: Why Die?
    23. 3.23 Stratovarius: Polaris
    24. 3.24 Silent Memorial: Retrospective
    25. 3.25 Winterborn: Farewell to Saints
    26. 3.26 Wolf: Ravenous
    27. 3.27 Autumnia: O'Funeralia
    28. 3.28 Herman Frank: Loyal to None
    29. 3.29 S.C.A.L.P.: Chuzhaya Voina
    30. 3.30 Aspire: In Defiance of Fortune
    31. 3.31 Avian: Ashes and Madness
    32. 3.32 Trick or Treat: Tin Soldiers
    33. 3.33 Vision Divine: 9 Degrees West of the Moon
    34. 3.34 Vindictiv: Ground Zero
    35. 3.35 Armagedon: Death then Nothing
    36. 3.36 Agnosia: Trace Decay
    37. 3.37 Ahab: The Divinity of Oceans
    38. 3.38 Alastor: Spaaazm
    39. 3.39 Alestorm: Black Sails at Midnight
    40. 3.40 Abacabb: Survivalist
    41. 3.41 Desire: Crowcifix
    42. 3.42 Epica: The Classical Conspiracy
    43. 3.43 Eternal Tears of Sorrow: Children of the Dark Waters
    44. 3.44 Fairyland: Score to a New Beginning
    45. 3.45 Fen: The Malediction Fields
    46. 3.46 Flashback of Anger: Splinters of Life
    47. 3.47 Forsaken: After the Fall
    48. 3.48 Unanimated: In the Light of Darkness
    49. 3.49 Saxon: Into the Labyrinth
    50. 3.50 Asphyx: Death...The Brutal Way
    51. 3.51 At Vance: Ride the Sky
    52. 3.52 Abstract Spirit: Tragedy and Weeds
    53. 3.53 Agathodaimon: Phoenix
    54. 3.54 Amorphis: Skyforger
    55. 3.55 Ashent: Deconstructive
    56. 3.56 Augrimmer: Autumnal Heavens
    57. 3.57 1349: Revelations of the Black Flame
    58. 3.58 Autumn: Altitude
    59. 3.59 Cage: Science of Annihilation
    60. 3.60 Cain's Offering: Gather the Faithful
    61. 3.61 Ravage: The End of Tomorrow
    62. 3.62 Rebellion: Arise - From Ginnungagap to Ragnarok
    63. 3.63 Revolution Renaissance: Age of Aquarius
    64. 3.64 Rough Silk: A New Beginning
    65. 3.65 Saidian: Evercircle
    66. 3.66 ReinXeed: Higher
    67. 3.67 Saint Deamon: Pandeamonium
    68. 3.68 Saintsbleed: The Mighty Monster
    69. 3.69 Sarke: Vorunah
    70. 3.70 Screaming Shadows: New Era of Shadows
    71. 3.71 Sirenia: The 13th Floor
    72. 3.72 Pathosray: Sunless Skies
    73. 3.73 Beherit: Engram
    74. 3.74 Nakaruga: Nakaruga
    75. 3.75 Narnia: Course of a Generation

1.  Top list

1.1  Behemoth: Evangelion

The album starts definitively very good! The music is speedy, there is adrenaline here, I need to listen it again.

1.2  Gorod: Process of a new Decline

Probably the best album I've listened so far in 2009. A great Technical Death metal album. Bonus: a French one!

1.3  Obscura: Cosmogenesis

A very good technical death metal one. Will compete with Gorod.

1.4  Believer: Gabriel

(:amazonpl B001QF733K:)

Interesting, inspiration is here. Pleasure to listen.

1.5  Megadeth: Endgame

I wasn't expecting much of a new Megadeth album.

While it doesn't add anything new to the Metal genre, this album is nice to listen. Well, the guitar solos are nice to listen. Mustaine playing is like a guitar concerto, it's a pleasure to listen. Others players are very good too, but there is no new material in this album.

It's not an album to have, but just an album to listen, to remember how good Mustaine guitar is.

2.  Need to relisten

2.1  Riverside: Anno Domini High Definition

A Progressive metal album, I don't know any other material from this band.

While there is nothing interesting/new in this album, the music is relaxing and is nice to listen when you're very tired.

The musicians seems to be bored by their own music (no challenge, just playing together).

2.2  Masachist: Death March Fury

Some kind of Progressive Brutal Death Metal, very interesting. I have to listen it again.

2.3  Mumakil: Behold the failure

Death/Grind Metal. I don't used to listen to grind, this seems interesting but needs more listen.

2.4  Gnostic: Engineering the Rule

Some interesting technical death metal.

2.5  Psoriasis: Lethal Treatment

While I don't still listening much, this French "grind" seems more interesting. I have to listen it again.

2.6  Tribulation: The Horror

Death/thrash metal. While common, the music is aggressive and cool to listen.

2.7  Gothmog: A Step in the Dark

A fast & melodic black metal. Nice to listen.

2.8  Napalm Death: Time Waits For No Slave

A fast death metal album with some originality. I have to listen it again.

2.9  Old Man's Child: Slaves of the World

Good quality but I didn't retained anything catchy. It's worth another try.

2.10  Powerwolf: Bible of the Beast

A modern heavy metal album with choruses.

2.11  Darker Half: Duality

A good surprise. This Australian heavy metal bands success to mix thrash and progressive into a original while common heavy metal.

The production isn't good.

2.12  Winds of Plague: The Great Stone War

"Blackened" Death metal. Looks like Dimmu Borgir. Not as good. Need another listen to definitively drop this one.

2.13  Anaal Nathrakh: In the Constellation of The Black Widow

Some very impressive extreme metal. Not sure if it is *the* masterpiece, but very talented.

2.14  Amberian Dawn: The Clouds of Northland Thunder

Symphonic Heavy Metal with soprano female voice (Nightwish-like...). Drums are heavily triggered :(

May be interesting if I can ignore the ugly drums.

2.15  Warbringer: Waking Into Nightmares

Nice thrash album tainted of heavy riff and relative good solos.

2.16  Vomitory: Carnage Euphoria

Good sound (brutal death). Need to listen again to check their originality.

2.17  Soulfallen: Grave New World

Slow but nice to listen.

2.18  DGM: FrAme

Nice power metal.

2.19  Suffocation: Blood Oath

A very good album, while not good enough to be on the top list IMO.

2.20  Seance: Awakening of the Gods

Nice one, need to listen it again.

2.21  Shining: VI - Klagopsalmer

Need to listen again. Seems to be slightly original.

2.22  Astra: From Within

Some basic prog metal. Need another listen to drop it.

2.23  Absentia Lunae: Historia Nobis Assentietvr

Some black metal, I enjoyed it.

2.24  Absu: Absu

Seems funny, need to relisten.

2.25  Adagio: Archangels in Black

I liked to listen it.

2.26  Anubis Gate: The Detached

Interesting power metal. May need another listen to be dropped. The sound is too clean, BTW.

2.27  Artillery: When Death Comes

I didn't know Artillery before. Their thrash is good and needs more listens to give an opinion.

2.28  Augury: Fragmentary Evidence

This album is hard to listen. I still don't know if they are very good, very bad or just crazy?!

3.  No need to listen again

3.1  Irreverence: Irreverence

Not a clear opinion after the first listening, but this seems so... common.

3.2  Lay Down Rotten: Gospel of the Wretched

I don't like at all this german "melodic death metal" band. Not interesting at all.

3.3  Dementor: Faithless

Some brutal death from Slovakia, with no originality.

3.4  Tardy Brothers: Bloodline

Very boring...

3.5  Ignominious Incarceration: Of Winter Born

Well, I wasn't listening very much, but I don't think this album of Brutal Death will make it to my top list.

3.6  Blut Aus Nord: Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars

Some kind of atmospheric death metal, I don't like and I think I won't listen it again :)

3.7  Sea of Despair: Sea of Despair

Too slow for me. While they sound interesting.

3.8  Vanguard: Hydralchemy

A boring and useless album.

3.9  Onmyo-Za: Sohkoku Dohkoku

A common heavy metal with an uncommon asian language.

3.10  Orcustus: Orcustus

A standard Norvegian Black Metal album.

3.11  Otargos: Fuck God - Disease Process

This seems to be good but I don't like this Black Metal :)

3.12  Pantommind: Lunasense

This seems to be good but I don't like this Prog Metal. BTW, it is cool to have a Bulgarian band!

3.13  Primal Fear: 16.6 before the Devil Knows You're Dead

I used to listen to Primal Fear years ago. The new stuff is just boring.

3.14  Samael: Above

Not enough catchy, too much boring.

3.15  Cobalt: Gin

Not interesting.

3.16  Stormhammer: Signs of Revolution

Yet another heavy/power boring metal album.

3.17  Blackguard: Profugus Mortis

Not too bad, they sound like Children of Bodom with a lot less of imagination.

3.18  Domain: The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow

Too "old" heavy metal for me, boring boring.

3.19  Ego Depths: Equilibrium Sickness

Funeral Doom is definitely not my genre so I can't define the quality of this music. For sure they won't be part of my top albums and I won't listen them for years.

3.20  God Forbid: Earthsblood

Very good, but slightly too common to be on the top list.

3.21  Mystic Prophecy: Fireangel

A classic heavy/power metal. Some great moment. Good production.

3.22  Chemical Annihilation: Why Die?

20 years too late for this thrash metal band.

3.23  Stratovarius: Polaris

For sure, it's still Stratovarius. But this is only another Stratovarius.

3.24  Silent Memorial: Retrospective

Yet another power/prog metal band, not very original.

3.25  Winterborn: Farewell to Saints

Yet another loss of imagination.

3.26  Wolf: Ravenous

Their lack of imagination is impressive.

3.27  Autumnia: O'Funeralia

Hard to listen...

3.28  Herman Frank: Loyal to None

Hard to listen...

3.29  S.C.A.L.P.: Chuzhaya Voina

Hard to listen...

3.30  Aspire: In Defiance of Fortune

An interesting heavy/power metal album.

While drums and bass are sequenced and the guitar and the voice are amateurish, this is pleasant to listen (once).

3.31  Avian: Ashes and Madness

Yet another very boring heavy metal album.

3.32  Trick or Treat: Tin Soldiers

Just an Edguy/Helloween clone, little imagination, boring.

3.33  Vision Divine: 9 Degrees West of the Moon

So boring and useless as any other Vision Divine.

3.34  Vindictiv: Ground Zero

Very boring "prog metal".

3.35  Armagedon: Death then Nothing


3.36  Agnosia: Trace Decay

Very common prog metal.

3.37  Ahab: The Divinity of Oceans

I'm not ready for funeral metal yet :D

3.38  Alastor: Spaaazm


3.39  Alestorm: Black Sails at Midnight


3.40  Abacabb: Survivalist


3.41  Desire: Crowcifix

No way.

3.42  Epica: The Classical Conspiracy

It is classical music.

3.43  Eternal Tears of Sorrow: Children of the Dark Waters

Too much gothic influence...

3.44  Fairyland: Score to a New Beginning

This album is empty, like each time Elisa leaves a band...

3.45  Fen: The Malediction Fields

Too slow, too melodic.

3.46  Flashback of Anger: Splinters of Life


3.47  Forsaken: After the Fall

Too doomish.

3.48  Unanimated: In the Light of Darkness

Useless, like the album name...

3.49  Saxon: Into the Labyrinth

Useless, still the same metal for 20 years.

3.50  Asphyx: Death...The Brutal Way

Just another boring thrash metal.

3.51  At Vance: Ride the Sky


3.52  Abstract Spirit: Tragedy and Weeds

Another boring funeral album.

3.53  Agathodaimon: Phoenix

Became boring quickly. Could be much better.

3.54  Amorphis: Skyforger

Boring. I don't like.

3.55  Ashent: Deconstructive


3.56  Augrimmer: Autumnal Heavens

Nice demo/EP.

3.57  1349: Revelations of the Black Flame

Sounds like a good album, but I don't like dark ambient...

3.58  Autumn: Altitude

Nothing interesting

3.59  Cage: Science of Annihilation

Very common power metal...

3.60  Cain's Offering: Gather the Faithful

Another common power metal.

3.61  Ravage: The End of Tomorrow

A common heavy metal album.

3.62  Rebellion: Arise - From Ginnungagap to Ragnarok


3.63  Revolution Renaissance: Age of Aquarius


3.64  Rough Silk: A New Beginning

Useless heavy metal.

3.65  Saidian: Evercircle

An unbearable Edguy clone.

3.66  ReinXeed: Higher

Not as bad but definitely not as good to be the best.

3.67  Saint Deamon: Pandeamonium


3.68  Saintsbleed: The Mighty Monster

Another boring powermetal album.

3.69  Sarke: Vorunah

While interesting at the first listen, it cannot be the best.

3.70  Screaming Shadows: New Era of Shadows


3.71  Sirenia: The 13th Floor


3.72  Pathosray: Sunless Skies

(:amazonpl B0024R5IMW:)

Another useless album, this is so common. Some kind of progressive metal.

3.73  Beherit: Engram

(:amazonpl B00200K3LY:)

Boring black metal.

3.74  Nakaruga: Nakaruga

Very poor neometalish.

3.75  Narnia: Course of a Generation

Boring power metal.