Camille Huot

These pages are dedicated to metal music.

Anyone can have their own choice in musical preference. From my point of view, metal music is where we can find the best mix of musical qualities. Metal is heavily inspired by classical. Some sub-genres are even called "symphonic". Classical influence allows talented composers to write deep songs, including music and lyrics. Another influence is disco/dance. The best drummers on earth plays metal to give the listener the blast they deserves. The Metal genre is very various. Some bands include some rap in their singing, some others use a real orchestra, while others blast faster than hardcore techno. However, I still didn't find any relative with Reggae...

Hence, metal is divided in numerous subgenres, each name trying to explain what we should expect from it. Some example: dark, death, black, atmospheric, brutal... Each subgenre gets its own fans and guitar hero.

Listening to metal can require training. Yes. Our brain is not used to listen a so complex music, we don't understand and we hear only "noise". You think this is noise? You just have to practice! Some bands are easier to listen than others.

Another thing with metal is that you can't listen a song alone. Well, you can, but you shouldn't. Metal albums are generally one piece of music you must listen from the beginning to the end, not in random order.

For each year, I selected up to 3 albums. Each of these albums are a masterpiece. I recommend to every metal fan to listen all of these. all times best metal albums

In 2009, I tried to listen every single metal album and to comment it. Alas this is really too much work and I had to stop, but here are the reviews: 2009 metal albums comments